Bakehouse bakes with Bungay Butter

Bungay Butter, raw milk cultured butter hand churned at Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk. A handful of salt is thrown into freshly churned, golden butter.

What makes Bungay Butter special?

I only use Bungay Butter in my handmade croissants and brioche buns. This incredible butter is made by hand the traditional way at Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk. Raw milk, warm from milking this herd of grass-fed, ancient breed cows, is soured, churned and hand-paddled.  The butter is cultured over several days before being moulded and shaped. The result is a rich, creamy butter with complex flavours and a delicious aroma.


Reasons to love Fen Farm Dairy

Most cheese and dairy is produced away from the farm, but not at Fen Farm Dairy. The Crickmore family grow their own forage and grazing for their herd in local pastures. Their cows are cared for on the farm as individuals, free ranging for as long as the weather allows on the lush, wildlife rich meadows of Stow Fen. In the winter months they are housed in open-sided straw barns. The cows are milked at the farm and the milk is gravity fed to the processing rooms where it is gently handled without heavy machinery or over-processing.


Why use raw milk?

With a reputation as a superfood, raw milk is choc full of natural enzymes, vitamin A, B & D and calcium in forms which our bodies are able to easily absorb. Heat treatment (pasteurisation) destroys a significant proportion of these nutrients and others are transformed into a state which our bodies can no longer use.


It is safe?

Raw milk may not be suitable for everyone. You can find more information about raw milk and Bungay Butter on the Fen Farm Dairy website by clicking here.



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