Allergens and Additives

Because food intolerances and allergies are so personal, I cannot give advice about the appropriateness of any of my foods for your diet.

Instead, a full list of all of the ingredients in each of my products is shown on their individual packaging and online. If you have questions about any ingredient, please ask me for more information.

The 14 allergens which are required to be notified to consumers marked on the ingredients list in bold.

It is important to please be aware that I bake with gluten containing cereals, eggs, dairy, sesame seeds and tree nuts on a daily basis. Although I take very great care in the storage and use of my ingredients and food products, it is not possible to completely avoid a risk of cross-contamination from these allergens and there may be traces present in any food item.


May pastries are made with raw milk butter from Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk. You can find out more information about this butter here.

There are no additives or preservatives in any of the flour used in my products. However, after the Second World War the government decided that white wheat flour needed to have the same vitamins as wholemeal flour and by law all white wheat flour that is milled in the UK must contain the following fortifiers: calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine/Vitamin B1 and Nicotinic acid/Vitamin B3.




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